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Not Your Typical Chiropractor: How we address pain and other symptoms

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

From the moment you walk into our adjusting room, you know that we aren't a typical chiropractic office. There are letters on the wall, colored glasses, lasers, a stethoscope, tennis balls, and a HyperIce massager sitting next to the adjusting table. These are a few of the tools that Dr. Drew uses to activate the brain and work toward optimal performance which, in turn, helps your body function at optimal levels. Our care consists of non-invasive brain-based therapy, in combination with chiropractic adjustments, to ensure the brain is working to its full potential. By doing so, the brain can receive information from the body and react appropriately which is the foundation of good health.

Pain is an output from the brain and the nervous systems way of telling you "something isn't right". To demonstrate, think about this: have you ever burnt your hand on a hot stove? It hurts! But why does it hurt? The brain is telling you it hurts in response to the nerve signals it is receiving. The brain creates pain so you react and get your finger off the hot stove and limit the damage. Now, if your hand isn't connected to the brain, or the nerves to your hand are not working properly, your brain no longer creates pain. Because your hand is no longer communicating with your brain, further damage is done because you don't react appropriately and keep your hand on the hot stove. This is true about EVERY part of your body. Head, shoulders, neck, internal organs.... everything communicates with the brain every single second of the day. If something is hurting, something is wrong with the body and therefore something is also wrong with the nervous system and brain. The body doesn't create pain, the brain does. If you are having symptoms of anxiety, depression, headaches, vertigo, pain, post-concussion symptoms, the brain is not functioning optimally and needs to be addressed as part of the solution to the problem.

Dr. Drew does a thorough exam to determine how well your brain is functioning. Through assessment of eye movement with our RightEye technology, balance and muscle and joint function Dr. Drew can determine what needs to be addressed. Our approach is comprehensive because the brain and nervous system control ALL of your body functions with no exceptions. By looking at the different aspects of how well the brain is functioning, through movement, balance and vision, Dr. Drew can better address areas of the brain that may not be working efficiently and may be causing some of the symptoms or pain you are having. Even if you are feeling well and aren't in pain, this approach can help. Dr. Drew is trained to look for dysfunction before it becomes a problem and to ensure you remain feeling well.

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