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Eye-Movement Technology Helps MCN Provide Better Chiropractic Care

Why does eye movement behavior matter?

Functional vision issues are experienced by tens of millions of people, which can have an effect on balance, coordination, concentration, reaction speed, reading ability and overall well-being. Involuntary eye movements — typically not apparent to the naked eye — indicate visual performance and health concerns. By measuring and analyzing these otherwise imperceptible patterns, doctors can identify and offer treatment to correct a host of vision and health issues as well as increase visual performance. Remember: vision is not the same as eyesight. A person with 20/20 eyesight may still exhibit weak eye movement behaviors.

What is eye-tracking technology?

Using advanced, eye-tracking technology, the RightEye system uncovers issues that an observation-only exam cannot. With RightEye, it is now possible to pinpoint functional vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of reading problems, and improve athletic performance with a five-minute test. Eye-tracking technology, which is both objective and non-invasive, captures pictures of eye movements (30-250) times a second.

RightEye is a new cutting-edge eye-tracking system. The system has a sensor that monitors the light of the screen reflecting from the patient’s eyes to position your eyes accurately and track movement in real time. RightEye is extremely accurate and provides a significant advantage in assessing functional vision.

No more “follow my finger” tests.

Eye movements can reveal how well the brain is working. But the classic “follow my finger” test is limited by, well, the finger. This subjective evaluation is imprecise for even the most skilled practitioners. There has never been a high-precision measurement tool for eye tracking, until now. RightEye eliminates the guesswork and standardizes the testing process so the information is objective and accurate.

It’s physical therapy for the eyes.

Once an assessment is completed and a deficiency is identified EyeQ Trainer is recommended to correct the problem. EyeQ Trainer is a computer-based treatment option proven to help improve functional vision issues. Eye exercises are tailored specifically to each patient based on their RightEye EyeQ test results. Gamification features including Coach EyeQ, a personal avatar coach, and achievement badges increases patient compliance to complete the workout plan.

Rehabilitation and improvement are the holy grail.

EyeQ Trainer trains all 12 muscles of the eyes. It rehabilitates all six movement systems of the eye and promotes positive changes in the brain. The result is improved functional vision and smoother, more accurate eye movements — leading to better focus and concentration, improved balance and hand-eye coordination and enhanced performance in everything from reading to driving to sports.

How RightEye is used at MCN.

At MCN we utilize RightEye to obtain the most accurate assessment of our patients’ brain, nervous system and overall health through this five-minute test. We then correlate the findings of RightEye to the in-depth exam to create a clear, all-encompassing picture of what brain and nervous system functions are working well and which are not. Through doing this, we can design an individualized care plan in the office and for the patient at home. We cover the care plan in depth on the second visit and will answer any questions about the initial exam findings or RightEye assessment so patients have a clear understanding of the results and the state of their health. As patients’ care progresses, we reassess using RightEye and other functional testing to track progress and make any necessary changes to the care plan. This process ensures optimal results and provides objective measures for comparison as you progress through care at MCN. Care in our office provides comprehensive health insights and answers that you won’t find at any other provider in the area. RIghtEye is a valuable resource for us to provide the best care possible to our patients and our community.

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