Chiropractic Neurology is an innovative and integrated approach to healthcare. We combine Chiropractic care, Functional Neurology, Movement and Nutrition in order to address a wide range of conditions. We are able to impact patients' health by creating neuroplasticity, or changes within the brain, spinal cord and nerves that control all of our body's functions. This includes the musculoskeletal system, immune system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system to name a few.  Increasing neuroplasticity allows us to optimize healing and overall performance. We assess peripheral (spine and extremities) and central issues (brain and nervous system) that are interconnected, allowing us to uncover the contributors to a patient’s symptoms and dysfunction. This in-depth approach restores a state of balance to the brain and body systems that are necessary for precise function within the human body.



If you are a new patient, we are excited to help you book your first appointment by calling 715-659-0636. This will allow our staff to give you information about your first appointment and answer any initial questions about our office that you may have. If you are an existing patient, you can also call to make appointments or set a new appointment with our receptionist at the front desk. 


You can call the office at (715) 659-0636, use the let's chat feature on our website, or send us a message on Facebook.  If we don't answer the phone or respond immediately, we will return your call or respond to your email/message as soon as possible. You can also email us at


We are located  in the Dove Healthcare - Wissota Health & Regional Vent Center; South Building on the third floor.  There is an elevator for easy access to our location. 

Our address is: 

2829 Co Hwy I #3C

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729


Yes you can!  We know you are busy so to conserve time, you can find our New Patient and Restart intake forms on our website under Patient Central.  Simply click the download button, print the forms and fill them out completely, then bring them to your appointment. If you don't have a printer, no problem, we also have the paperwork available in the office. If you do not complete the paperwork beforehand, please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. 


First and foremost, we are here to help you. We want you to experience health and vitality that exceeds your expectations. Everything we do at our clinic is geared toward helping you achieve maximum results. With this in mind there are a couple of things that you should expect on your first visit to our clinic.  

Our examination procedures are geared toward detection and correction of any "subluxations."  Your body has an “innate” ability to be healthy, so long as the controlling mechanism, the nervous system, is free from interference.  Subluxations are a major cause of interference to the function of your brain and nervous system.  With time and repetition, our goal is to correct subluxations and allow your body to return to good health naturally, and without drugs. 


The procedures we use are non-invasive and specifically selected for in-depth evaluation of your  brain and nervous system health.  We will begin by conducting a thorough history and discussing any significant issues.  The examination we perform during the initial visit consists of a thorough nervous system evaluation.  We will assess range of motion, muscle imbalances, and any areas of spinal dysfunction.  We will also perform simple functional tests like examining how you walk, observing your posture,  and assessing your balance.  We will also utilize a scientifically-validated 12-part assessment from Cambridge Brain Sciences which quantifies memory, concentration, reasoning, and verbal ability to track your progress throughout care. We utilize RightEye technology to objectively measure functional eye movements which are directly correlated to specific areas of the brain.  Both of these objective measures give us insight into what is causing a wide array of symptoms, allow us to track your progress and give you reassurance that you are improving. This process is unique to our clinic and is unlike any other approach in the area.  It is used in order to evaluate how well your brain and nervous system are functioning so we can improve your quality of life and help you perform at the highest standard.  Once this part of the examination is completed x-rays may be ordered if deemed necessary to proceed with care.

With this important information we can make a more accurate determination as to the type of adjustments you need as well as the initial frequency of your care. Your x-rays will be explained to you in detail at your Report of Findings.

You will be scheduled for your Principled Report of Findings within a few days of your initial visit. This visit is your most important visit and may take up to 60 minutes.  At your Principled Report of Findings we will review your x-ray and examination results with you, as well as recommend a care plan for you if needed. We will also talk about any special instructions you will need to follow to obtain the best and fastest possible results.

The Principled Report of Findings is done in two parts: In the first part the doctor will cover vital information needed to understand your care. This is accomplished using visual aids and is done in a group setting.  During the second part of your Principled Report of Findings the doctor will consult with you privately about your x-rays and review your care recommendations. Family members may accompany you for this portion of your report if you would like.  We will schedule your Principled Report of Findings with you after your first visit.