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Providing  Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire, WI with

Quality Brain-Based Care You Can Trust

Midwest Chiropractic Neurology

is the first chiropractic neurology clinic

in the Chippewa Valley.

Midwest Chiropractic Neurology is a chiropractic neurology clinic that offers affordable, brain-based chiropractic and functional neurology care.  Our in-depth, non-invasive approach allows us to determine the root cause of your problem and how your brain is playing a role.  When it comes to performing at a higher standard, we offer the services to get you there. Discover more about our unique approach today by

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What is Functional Neurology?

Patients of ANY age benefit from our individualized approach.

Infants and children are growing and developing right before our eyes. The first subluxation often happens at birth. In our practice we see infants as young as a day old! 

Many learning disorders are caused by central nervous issues that might result from misalignment in the spine. We help those who suffer with these diagnoses to reach their full potential.

We are the only clinic in the area to offer RightEye. We use this technology and a specialized exam to assess & rehabilitate concussions & mTBI so you can get back to life.

Infants & Children

Learning Disabilities,

Autism, ADHD


Athletes rely on an optimally functioning brain and nervous system to perform. We help athletes go from good to great and perform at the highest standard.


Migraines, vertigo & balance issues can be debilitating.  We use a systematic approach to restore balance within the vestibular system so you can get back to living.

Migraines, Vertigo, Balance Issues

Proper digestion provides the building blocks for our brain and body to function properly. We address nutrition and digestion so you can perform at the highest standard. 

Digestive & Gut Health Issues

We specialize in determining which brain areas are affected by a range of neurodegenerative diseases & design individualized treatment plans to target & rehabilitate the brain in order to improve patients' quality of life.

Emotions are created through a pattern of neuronal firing and chemical interactions within the brain.  Imbalances in these chemicals change the neuronal firing and thus create a different pattern of emotions.  At MCN we restore a state of balance within the brain so patients feel like themselves again.

Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke

Anxiety, Depression & Mood Disorders



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I've had chronic back pain for about 3 years.  I've seen about 7 different chiropractors within that time period and Dr. Drew is definitely the best. I would recommend him to my family and friends in a heartbeat.

Dan V.